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Dec 2, 2013 11:30pm PST
agree with me. >> an annual thanksgiving tradition president obama pardoning this year's turkey, popcorn is the name of the turkey, receiving the presidential pardon. popcorn beat a turkey named caramel for the honor. >> stephen: boom! suck it, caramel! the internet has spoken and they decided you lose. and since it's the internet, they've also decided that you're gay! ron paul 2012. (laughter) not sure which of those two you're applauding for but thank you. but nation there's a dark side to this story of two caged animal kos peteing to not-die. neither of them die. >> however, when the online voting ended even though it looked like the obama administration was going to take a stand and caramel was going to get executed the white house tweeted, in fact, no, no, no, they're both going to live. >> stephen: that's right! our coward in chief wasn't satisfied pulling out of iraq and pulling out of afghanistan. now he's pulling out of turkey. (laughter) mr. president, what kind of message does this send the kids? what do parents say when their child looks up with those big wet eyes an
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Dec 2, 2013 9:30am PST
majority dictator harry reid. >> in the history of our country, some 230-plus years, there have been 160 filibusters of executive and judicial nominations. half of them have occurred during the obama administration. only 23 district court nominations have been filibustered in the entire history of our country, 23. you know what? 20 of them have been in the last four and a half years. >> stephen: hey, republicans wouldn't have to block them if obama nominated conservatives, like, say, republican senator chuck hagel. i mean, that guy-- what's that? they filibustered him, too? well, that just proves they're bipartisan. they'll filibuster anyone obama nominates. ( laughter ) and we can't trust the democrats with all this powers, folks. they can't do anything right. at harry reid's press conference announcing the end of the filibuster, they misspelled filibuster with two "ls." ( laughter ) that says philly-busters, which i assume are cops who arrest female horses. ( laughter ) and i don't even believe the democrats are really against the filibuster. because their poster clearly says
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Dec 9, 2013 11:00pm PST
citizens. >> jon: go on. >> the obama administration quietly won permission a couple years ago from a surveillance court to have the n.s.a. search for the communications of americans intercepted phone calls and the like. >> jon: on the bright side, under this plan, if you like your n.s.a. spy -- [laughter] -- you get to keep your n.s.a. spy so that is something. [ laughter ] but of course the government -- >> his no idea we could keep our same spy. that is shock and delightful. [laughter] but of course the government couldn't get away with doing things that they swore they weren't doing because of strictness of the oversight of the nothing they weren't doing. >> this program by the way is fully overseen not just by congress but by the fisa court. it's been carried out consistent with the constitution and rule of law. >> jon: see? it turns out it wasn't so much rule of law consistent as rule of law add -- adjacent. the n.s.a. has been routinely breaking privacy rules. >> jon: rules are made to be broken. sorry, wait that is no precious moments figures. those are knead be broken. rules
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)